Conference Management

Routinely lasting several days, sporting multiple tracks, numerous speakers and a slew of attendees, conferences are often called the heavy-weights of the event-planning arena. Just ask anyone who's hosted one, you don't want to get into the ring without the right professionals managing your conference.

We've been training for years and we're at the top of our game. We'll whip your conference into shape in no time. From the initial concept, to returning the final coat to the last attendee, we'll make sure your conference is a knockout.

  • Budget Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
    • Selection
    • Contract Negotiations
  • Invitation Management
    • Design
    • Database Management
    • Distribution
  • Collateral Management
    • Design & Production
    • Event Signage
    • Giveaways & Promotional Materials
  • Speaker & Content Management
  • Charter Ground & Air Transportation
  • Offsite Events & Tours
  • Conference Underwriting or Sponsorship

"Great job in LA at the Pay for Performance conference.  Your work is peerless, as usual."